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Watched It I've Watched This. Did Se Na learn how to cook all of a sudden? The roof should be falling in on some people pretty soon. location.href = ""+dropdown.options[dropdown.selectedIndex].value; I wonder how Mr. It seems from what I understood in Ep 4, they must have been involved and cared for each other in the past. : The Beginning (2021) Game Changer (2021) Episode 32 English Sub. Moon – Gun Woo’s brother – I forgot what his real name is – he came to take revenge on In Soo and then after they get out of jail he is out in the countryside cooking sweet potatoes for In Soo. He doesn’t have a job so eventually he may run out of money. |, See All Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions, Please read the following before uploading. Moon is a friend of the real Mr. I doubt if she will go easily. It appears that somewhere along the line, the baby slept with Se Na’s in-laws. And what was said about gun Woo disappearing? Is he the guy in the photos that Mr. It is like the stupid line when Hwa Kyung said to Se Na when she was on the crutches all of a sudden when the day before she was out of the wheelchair and had no crutch “that is what you get for coming down the stairs with the wheelchair.” Idiotic line and excuse for Se Na to have crutches. Se Na is always in the middle of every situation that goes on in this show. Homemade Love Story (KBS2) Chickie girl character is dingy anyway. But I don’t remember if they were holding their dolls when they tried to get out. I suppose it may be on Monday and Wednesday also at 8:00 a.m. Wasn’t Come Jang Bo Ri a great show.. 5. I didn’t understand anything she was saying. Agreed @Jaytee, it’s getting annoying the way Se Na gets away with every evil deed and how gullible the rest of the cast fall prey of Se Na. All about eve korean drama episode 1 eng sub Learn from our numerous articles about coverage types, accidents, the claims process, and much more! Two very different women become each other’s biggest rivals in their professional and personal lives. Do Joon and his mother just join in with him and the Chicken Lady. Now Kang Mo is going to work with Se Na!!! The series just keep getting interesting every episode, though the suspense is sometimes frustrating. When Mr. The last couple episodes was what I was waiting for. With Gun Woo out of the picture, Se Na doesn’t have to worry about him letting the truth out. I don’t think Song Ah’s family did any harm to Gun Woo. I agree with you. Not too keen on Yoon Se-Ah (Song A) for some reason. Not sure if that was clarified a few episodes back and I didn’t understand when Kang Mo was talking to his friend from America. so far I have only seen five episodes, but I see what you are saying in your comments from number 10 to number 13. But I think Hong Jong Oh can hear what he is saying. @rose. There are so many people in the world, Koo In Soo must have people all over watching Director Oh’s every move. And everyone around Se Na is in a fog and thinks she is so great!!! Song yang awalnya sangat sulit untuk menerima keberadaan Sun Mi. it disappeared. Lee Soo as Hong Sang Soo When the innocent person finds the evidence of what the culprit did, they always tell them they have the evidence. it’s like nothing happen. When she asks him to work with her the 3rd time she meets Moon, he says to her “do you want me?” I though that was an odd thing to say, more like to you want to have sex with me. I tried to count the people and the kids at the end of the show when they were in the park but I only could see 3 children, so I assume Hyeon-Ah and Kang Min had 2 children, or was Do-Joon there and the biggest child was his??? I also feel that the ex-detective free loading off the chicken lady should have been accountable for covering up the accident with Se Na and Hyeon Ah, taking the tape when Song Ah was going to marry Gun Woo and Se Na hit Jung Ok and she fell and hit her head, helping Se Na kidnap Jung OK per In Soo’s direction,, and all the money he took from Se Na to do her dirty deeds. Moon and Kang Min are nice looking guys. Yuk lanjut lagi, kisah cinta romantis Go Seung-ji dan Pan Da Yang di episode keenam, Penasaran?. You have a sharp eye Norm. How stupid that whole part was. When he was outside talking to Song Ah, his face looked fuller or somewhat darker – make up wise. Moon is good with the baby. Moon and Koo In Soo go into his office to talk privately, I am surprised neither Kang Mo or Song Ah go near the door and listen to what they are always talking about. Is he Mr. When all the confusion is going on in their house when Se Na is carrying on or the father, Kang Min just gives Se Na a stern and disgusted look. I find it interesting that in some of the K-ramas the same thing continually happens. In Soo give her money? How frustrating this is. It’s Rough when they all say “Eng-Sub” and when you load them to view, there are NO subtitles. Title: 이브의 사랑 / Eve’s Love Can’t believe he is not going to have to due to some time in prison for covering up Se Na’s crimes. MBC 1 Season, 20 Episodes April 26, 2000 International 7.7 / 10 Cast: Kim Jung Eun, Kim Hyo-jin, Jang Dong-gun, Kim So-yeon, Park Chae-rim. Moon????? Probably. I hope the writer’s don’t have Da Joon and Ra Bong get into a relationship. Vincenzo (tvN) That young idiot chick can’t wait to get her hands on him Not happy about that at all. Hi Rose Now Kang Min needs to get his act together and get rid of Se Na. I can’t wait for Song Ah to get her head together and stop trusting and believing everything Se Na tells her. Sisyphus: The Myth (jTBC) Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50. Episode 3. He was shooting shot of her from behind her. I Can’t believe Se Na smashing her head against the wall, is bleeding, gets her head bandaged, manages to escape and the next scene no bandage on her head. So Jung Ok, Song Ah’s Mother, is going to look for Mr. Lee who took the money from Se Na for the blueprints of the water filtration. She is out of her mind. Discussion in 'K-Movies & TV' started by DemosthenesVoice, Mar 6, 2016. I don’t know how much money he got from Se Na, but then he can eat for free at the chicken restaurant. Is anyone watching this show??? If I was Kim Ji-Yoo (Se Na) I would ask the director etc. I think it was one boy and 2 girls. And Kang Mo’s father also. Song Ah’s brother is so nice and cute. 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