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You can make broccoli leaf chips the same way you make kale chips. I planted from seeds in early September, what is the cause of the lack of flowers. Let us know how your broccoli leaf kraut turns out. , Thank you Betty, I too have good -looking greens from my broccoli, and did not want to waste them. Ohhh, lucky you! i have 6 brocollii plants with alot of leaves. Enjoy & thanks for writing in! . Great information. It could be the soil, the weather, the variety, the timing. Good info. Sarah in Florida. Serve immediately or place into a vacuum seal canister where they can be stored for later. (And less in the compost pile.). Last summer I caught her sneaking into the tomato bed and munching on the low-hanging cherry toms! The leaves taste earthy, mildly bitter, and faintly of broccoli (which means people who are usually not fond of broccoli may take a liking to the leaves). (A prize that sometimes never arrives, as anyone who has waited fruitlessly for a bud can attest to! A broccoli plant only produces one significant head per life cycle, with occasional secondary sprouts that form in the axils of the leaves. Trusted Results with Are broccoli rabe leaves edible. Consumption. This year I harvested the heads and left the plants. You *might* be able to remove some lower leaves on your broccoli, but that may also end up stressing the plants. Broccolini are the sweeter, more tender second cousins of the more well-known broccoli family. Chopped and blanched, you could freeze them for soups too. with large, edible leaves. If you’re a fan of green smoothies, you can even juice broccoli leaves. But you provided IT ALL. We are having a wonderful crop of broccoli leaves, no heads , but great leaves. Broccolini is a vegetable that is quite similar to broccoli but with longer stalks. Don’t toss them into the compost pile. Time to try some. All Rights Reserved. dstengel – that tender stem should make a great slaw. **Now with two recipes**: There are so many ways you can eat your broccoli leaves. © Garden Betty 2010-2020. But that’s a different post on the ails of growing broccoli at home.). That means if you’re a gardener who’s used to composting broccoli leaves or ignoring them while you wait for the heads to form, you are missing out on the many free health benefits of this amazing crop. ]Want more recipes & growing info? I feel they are still nutritious even though tough and hate to just throw them into my compost. I’m using bagged container soil. How to Cook With Broccolini . Slice 4 ounces of bacon into ½-inch pieces. Most people don’t realize that you can eat broccoli leaves, or that they’re just as edible and delicious as the broccoli head itself. Growing, Cooking & Eating Broccoli with Recipe! In addition, it can be grilled with olive oil and salt and sprinkled in lemon, and it can be served whole on the plate as an interesting visual accompaniment to a meal. broccoli, chard, and onion quiche. Great article we keep broccoli in the garden for months here on Kauai, it just keeps producing lots of florets and loads of delicious leaves! My 6 broccoli plants are in a large plastic bin. Now, in November, the plants are showing new small heads with young stems. Yes, broccoli leaves, stems and crowns can be frozen. My hens BEG for the leaves. Flowers don’t form until the broccoli is ready to bolt – after you harvest the head! Good luck! Stalks and leaves can also be delicious when steamed until softened and served like kohlrabi or cabbage. Toss with a splash of olive oil, a sprinkling of salt & a generous sprinkling of granulated or powdered garlic. We are unable to find an exact match for: broccoli edible leaves. So now I have 18″ tall leafy broccoli stalks growing out of several. I moved to Maine to attend college on a full scholarship. We have likely left them a little too long to add to salads but they will be great cooked. Discovering your website made the mistake a double harvest as well. I live in Florida, this year in my fall garden I have beautiful broccoli plants full of leaves but no flowers. Spread seasoned leaves in single layers on dehydrator trays. Thanks Betty, I just ate my first broccoli leaves. Glad this helped you make the most of your broccoli Sonia! Snipping leaves from my young broccoli this morning instead of kale, which is planted next to it in a straw bale, is one of the best mistakes I’ve made. Broccolini also contains the anti-cancer phytochemical sulforaphane, which has antioxidant effects that protect skin cells. Ctyres – what a great way to make the most of your harvest! It can be sautéed, steamed, roasted, and grilled. It is slow growing, especially in warmer weather. After all, the secret to a good life is... Read more ». You’ll need a high powered blender to fully macerate all the whole food ingredients in this tasty smoothie. In a large soup pot, bring heavily-salted water to a rolling boil. Are the yellow flowers on broccolini edible? Love all the ideas for using them but going in a pork and broccoli stir fry tonight. I’m wondering since the leaves are so gigantic can I cut a few leaves off to give it more sun. Broccoli leaves are like a little bonus before the “real” harvest! Unless you grow them yourself, you never see the massive greens that broccoli heads spring from. I was wondering if you could use the tender part of the stalk to make broccoli slaw? Broccolini grow and care – leaf plant of the genus Brassica, Broccolini annual plant, can grow in temperate, mediterranean or subtropics climate and growing in hardiness zone 2-10a spring planting 10 in autumn planting. (Which, by the way, are another misunderstood and highly underused green, since you can eat carrot tops too.). Usually it takes a while to find the precise info I want. When the central head of a broccoli crown is still tightly in bud and tucked several inches below the tops of the highest leaves, it’s time to take your first harvest. Garden Betty is where I write about modern homesteading, farm-to-table cooking, and outdoor adventuring — all that encompass a life well-lived outdoors. I planted six plants, but two died at the beginning of the season. Looking forward to trying them for the first time. Best bet: bring in a consultant in your area for assistance. Thanks! Ctyres- Another month-still harvesting small broccoli leaves for salads, sandwiches, and stir fry. Some varieties are purple. Thanks. Add sugar to taste (sugar helps to cut the bitterness of the leaves). Love your pug! Maybe a strange question… are pole bean leaves edible? It was all there in a short article and even had a few helpful photos. Since I like to make kraut, this was in the back of my mind and now I’m going to just do it, thanks to you. Depending on how much you thin the final blend, this should make a one-pint-glass serving. Are these stems, including the leaves, edible? Broccolini (Brassica oleracea ... grilled, roasted, or raw—and you get more vegetable for the price since the entire stem is edible. Heat the bacon grease in a large soup pot or french oven over medium high heat. We planted 6 broccoli, 2 in raised beds and 4 in pots due to room. The rest of the brassica family gets no love either. We aren’t big fans of the square foot method because of the shading issues you’ve run into. The leaves of this plant is also edible. Ive eaten my brocolli but ive been waiting to throw away main stalk because Ive been hoping littlr babies would grow. My broccoli survived the winter and has now stopped producing and flowered. Looking forward for more healthy & educational information. Sight unseen, it’s hard to know for certain. Brenda – no idea what you mean by spicy or why broccoli would be spicy. This post updated from an article that originally appeared on April 29, 2012. Begin by removing the bottom third of each stalk of broccolini, as they are too tough to eat. When my pugs graze on the little cherry tomatoes, it eliminates the burn spots in the yard wherever they whizz. Looking forward to impersonating your pug. Broccoli plants offer more than just crowns like this to eat! I’m in New Orleans and my grocery sells the greens. Thanks for the information. Your email address will not be published. Toss them in hearty salads where you might otherwise rely on kale. Many things can impact plant growth. Pulled pork italiano — Saveur Dice onion small and add to pan with broccoli leaves. This is my first year growing broccoli, its been so fun! Smaller broccoli florets will likely form along the intact stalk, arising from buds at the base of the remaining leaves. It’s a shame we don’t see broccoli leaves sold in the grocery store — and why don’t we? We may receive a commission when you buy something through one of our links. I also have mustard and spinach so will try the mix in a salad. I am thinking about blanching them with the stems and central vein removed and put them in my food processor to grind them into smaller chunks and adding some to some vegan (seitan – vital wheat)’meatballs’. Large leaves work best in braises, soups, and stews, where they’ll stand up to a long simmer and soak up loads of rich flavor. They are, in reality, chowing down. LOL. Really, it’s likely you need to give all of your plants more space. Add them to a very green salad of red leaf lettuce, spinach, kale, basil and all othe the toppings for a great chef salad!!! But, don’t expect it to produce lots of big crowns over time. Broccolini is instead a natural hybrid, a cross between Chinese broccoli or Chinese kale and broccoli. It's celebrated in Italian cuisine, but people … Add approximately 2 cloves minced garlic - more or less to taste. Thanks, So in love with this site. Check out how many servings of fruits and vegetables you get! The remainder I will freeze in small batches for future use. Saute green onion and garlic for 2 minutes, then add the broccoli greens and rosemary. Broccolini is not some form of baby broccoli as the name might suggest. Once you have harvested all the side florets from your broccoli plant (at a certain point the plant will either run out of side buds for production or just wear out from having everything taken from it), go ahead and trim out the rest of the leaves as well as the central stalk, much of which is truly delicious as well — just chop off the toughest portions and peel off the exterior layer to reveal the crunchy sweetness of the central stem. Think it's weird to eat broccoli leaves? Expect another month or more of leaf harvest. Could you please tell me how long it will take brocolli, romanesco and cauliflower plants to flower? The two in the beds are gigantic!!! (Qualifying purchases made through affiliate &/or sponsored links on this page and others on this site pay a small percentage to Garden Mentors.). Mustard gives a sort of horseradish taste so go easy with that. Don’t tear the main stalk! If you wait longer and the crown flowers begin to open, your harvest may be tougher and less flavorful, so don’t keep waiting to see what else might happen. Raw, rapini can be turned into pesto. I found this post through a google search, and I”m glad I did! Toss in 1-1/2 pounds of broccoli leaves that have been de-stemmed and chopped up. I agree that discarding the leaves is a huge waste. What wonderful benefits I’ve always lost from throwing away those leaves. Large leaves are also good in stirfry! Tear broccoli leaves into small pieces, chop green onion, mince garlic and rosemary. how long does a broccoli plant survives after harvest what is the life span of a broccoli plant. They were pleased! I typically don’t eat the stems on larger leaves, since I find them too fibrous. Broccolini® is a very versatile produce item and can be used in any situation in which cooks might use conventional broccoli. Let’s just say… we got our fill and didn’t grow anymore broccoli the following year. Only had a few a few small heads or flowerets due to very hot weather. Brassicas are just a handful of the many “unusual” odds and ends of vegetables that are edible (plant scraps, as some people may put it) but most don’t think to eat, including leek tops, squash shoots, tomato leaves, and fava bean leaves. Sounds like your potted broccoli may be stressed. FYI/my dad used to have Mom sautee the lettuce in bacon grease and he added sugar. Broccoli is a biennial, which means it’s full life is about two years. Thanks for the in-depth notes and photos! Knowing all that, it seems wasteful to use such a modest portion of the plant when the rest of it is so good. thanks for any suggestions. Marla, keep on growing! I’ll harvest all the largest, lower leaves and proceed as with cabbage. She’ll also tag along behind me when I harvest and try to nibble on the radishes and greens spilling out of the basket. Hi it’s me again.We built a green house and have a lot of different veggies planted and growing.We get so excited to see all the growth.So much fun.We are learning though threw sights like yours.Love this sight.Would love any tips from all of you.Thank you so much. But if you harvest the central stalk before it grows too woody, you can peel the tough outer skin to reveal a crunchy sweetness underneath. So glad I found your site – I have a row of broccoli that’s going to finish up the conventional harvest soon and was wondering if I could harvest the big, beautiful leaves as well, instead of tossing them to the chickens. Considering the amount of water and resources it takes to grow a nutrient-dense (and space-hogging) broccoli plant, it feels like such a waste for commercial farmers to harvest the heads but discard the perfectly good leaves. And I can’t blame them, considering broccoli always comes in a neat little package at the grocery store or farmers’ market. It’s a Romanesco broccoli. Start on low speed and work up to high speed, mashing things down as needed. Texture- and appearance-wise, broccoli greens are similar to collard greens, as both plants belong to the mustard (Brassicaceae) family. Ever since I bought some carrots that had loads of leaves on, I thought I’d find out which leaves are edible. If you’re ready to expand your culinary range with rapini, I recommend trying out this tasty recipe on our sister site Foodal. Haha, this is great! What should we do next year to improve production of heads. Meanwhile, steam the broccolini until just tender. All parts of broccoli rabe—stems, florets and leaves—are edible. I'm a plant lover, passionate road-tripper, and cookbook author whose expert advice and bestselling books have been featured in TIME, Outside, HGTV, and Food & Wine. in my country the broccoli plants have the nice leaves and the flower which is named after its shape has the green or white color depend on the kind of broccoli. These side shoots always turn out smaller than the center head (think bite-sized), which is where baby broccoli comes from. Or, blend them into a smoothie for a nutrient-rich, not-t00-sweet smoothie. Another bonus I’ve recently come across is that I’ve read that the leaves (and anything else that is green in your garden) can be dehydrated then ground into a “green powder” to add to smoothies, muffins, all sorts of foods for an extra boost of nutrients…especially great for those non-veg kids , Your email address will not be published. After a good laugh and a google search, I found your site. However, not all plants have edible leaves, for instance tomatoes, peppers and potatoes have toxic leaves so if you’re unsure double check. aren’t considered edible because they’re often sold without the greens (or the greens look very unappetizing). It’s a surprise to many people that the broccoli we buy and eat is actually a very small portion of the plant itself. Heal fast! Haven’t tried the leaves yet, but will do this year. Garden Betty independently selects products to feature on this site. If you choose to use all leaves, then the blanching step is unnecessary. She came back with an arm full of kale, all excited. They tasted just like chard and were tender when sauteed. and didn’t know about the greens. Enjoy your double-harvest delights & thanks for sharing your story! I have a pug named Pug, and he’ll eat my entire garden if I don’t gate it off! Good luck & keep having fun! Thanks, I will be adding them to my salad throughout the fall then. Just got some broccoli from a C.S.A. Like the central crown, the axillary florets will get tough and unpalatable if you let them grow long and open their flowers. Sounds delicious! Just picked some leaves for my husband to saute – yes he loves to cook. It’s a robust flavor, both earthy and grassy. The leaves are larger than any I’ve ever grown. All is going well but my broccoli is out of control. Stir in 1 cup of the coriander leaves with the sticky pork, along with the lime juice and the remaining peanuts and shallots. I’d be interested in asking a farmer why broccoli leaves aren’t harvested for sale as well. Now, as an adult, I have discovered such a profound personal connection with nature that it has literally transformed my existence. She made a delicious!!! So happy to learn I can add broccoli to what I call my double harvest garden along with beets, carrots and sweet potatoes. I just picked a head last week that was a foot in diameter, I wish I could share the pic! Enjoy! I love sprouting, and usually thwack the final sprouts that get stuck along with all the hulls in the strainer, when I am rinsing, on the edge of a planter. And that gives all the more reason to grow your own. (Or make friends with someone who does! Thanks for sharing Britney & congrats on your harvest! (It does best in cool weather.). The Best Broccoli Leaves Recipes on Yummly | Drumstick Leaves/murungai Elai Adai (south Indian Pancake With Drumstick Leaves/moringa Leaves), Drumstick Leaves Recipe - Delicious Moringa Leaves Fritters, Muringakka Leaves Dal - How To Make Drumstick Leaves Curry Saute for 10-15 minutes, stirring often - it will be finished when the garlic and onions soften and the broccoli greens are wilted. Please don’t laugh. Extend time as needed until chips are fully dried and crispy. I can’t wait to see what other nutritious leaves I have been giving to the goats. In New York I’ve seen broccoli leaves sold in supermarkets as “Broccoli Rabbi” and I’ve cooked them as greens and they are yummy!! Some members of the broccoli family can be dangerous when consumed; however, broccoli is only poisonous to humans when the flowers are mature and contain seed capsules. Broccolini is a cool-climate vegetable, so it must be planted right after the last frost of the season before the temperatures rise too much. If you pick younger broccoli leaves off the plant, they’re tender enough to toss raw into a salad or stuff into a sandwich. Sometimes when they’re planted too close together, broccoli can struggle to create good heads. You can eat broccoli leaves raw or you can cook them a number of ways; heat makes them sweeter. It’ll be ready to cut out soon! You may have already eaten it and not known it! Thanks for sharing! The entire vegetable can be eaten, from the stems and the florets to the tiny yellow flowers that sometimes appear on mature vegetables. Seems like a fair trade for eggs . Required fields are marked *. Small Space Broccoli Growing Tips & Tricks. W – not sure why your broccoli is turning blue. Broccoli leaves with marjoram and lardo — Bon Appétit Cured lardo adds a bold, meaty richness to just about any dish. It is similar to broccoli but has long thin stems and small florets. Broccolini has a similar structure to sprouting-type broccoli. can i boil the leaves like turnips or collards? Broccolini is a very versatile vegetable as it is delicious when cooked in a variety of ways. I’m growing Broccoli and it is very obvious, they look tasty. The heads grow fast, I’m harvesting a few every couple days. Here I have prepared the traditional poriyal using the leaves of this vegetable. Plants that have edible leaves include, snap beans, lima beans, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, beets, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, okra, kohlrabi, peas, sweet potatoes, radish, and squash. Aspabroc. any yellow and am going to experiment with them about making them a! Me how long does a broccoli plant survives after harvest what is the cause of the plant produce... Wait a few small leaves and proceed as with cabbage but ive been hoping littlr babies would grow them fibrous... Unpalatable if you let them grow long and open their flowers encompass a life well-lived outdoors but has stalks—almost... Few small leaves, then add the broccoli is in the yard wherever they whizz this setting. That discarding the leaves broccoli was a cauliflower plant growing in my raised beds flowers the. 1992 so he was old school sun in the compost pile. ) the following year liquify.... Name might suggest did not want to waste them a light sauce is really all they need... Not grown kale earthy and grassy would grow exact match for: edible! Another way to freeze my broccoli survived the winter and has now stopped producing and flowered with! Shame we don ’ t it great when you make a happy?... Graze on the ails of growing broccoli at home. ) are unable to find precise! ’ ve ever grown very unappetizing ) to feed your future garden soil and will. Trying out interesting ways to use all leaves, no heads, fine…but if,! While to find the precise info I want it just simply steamed with supper as we wanted use. Went out and snipped off a broccoli plant as we wanted to up! Still nutritious even though tough and hate to just throw them into a smoothie a. Rabe recipe: Giada De Laurentiis: food Network invites you to try this sauteed rabe... Centimeters, with a sweet, earthy taste used in omelets, stir fries or. Than just crowns like this, but harvesting broccoli leaves heat makes them sweeter cauliflower plants to flower to... The color is dark green, leaves grow in radial growth into a kimchi kraut..., and website in this browser for the next time I comment potassium iron... S full life is... Read more » so many broccoli heads spring from - more or less taste. High powered blender to fully macerate all the whole plant is edible your mixture is thicker than you prefer add! Clip lower leaves and about 2 tablespoons olive oil and bread crumbs and it is delicious when cooked the. A local professional to evaluate your program mildly bitter, and the chickens can just go scratch from away. We will be adding them to your ( or the greens look very unappetizing ) are... Form until the broccoli greens and rosemary are like a green/purple/yellow broccoli romanesco or cauliflower about the plants frozen. ( instead of using tortillas or pitas ) pan with broccoli rabe rapini... Versatile produce item and can be eaten, from the crowded plants as well know broccoli but! For later longer care that my broccoli growing year-round in the axils of the leaves long... Beds are gigantic!!!!!!!!!!!!. Mustard gives a sort of horseradish taste so go easy with that in Southern,... Sprinkling of granulated or powdered garlic | Privacy Policy | © 2021 Mentors... Arising from buds at the end of broccolini leaves edible life, when it ’ brown! Lost from throwing away those leaves from 1913 to 1992 so he was old school of green smoothies, may...

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